The Most Interesting People in Wrestling

These are people we can interview, write about, quote, investigate, solicit articles from, and so on. I’ll add names as I think of them, or they’re suggested.

Alexander Karelin
Dan Gable
Nancy Schultz
John Smith
Hudson Tayler
Ken Chertow
Mike Novogratz
Greg Elinksy
Jake Herbert
Jim Jordan
Randy Couture
Matt Lindland
Ben Askren
Dave Dean
John Bardis
J Robinson
Mark Cody
Jordan Burroughs
Bobby Douglas
Adam Tirapelle
Chris Bevilaqua
Cael Sanderson
Henry Cejudo
Chael Sonnen
Kyle Dake
Jack Roller
Dan Hodge
Ivan Ivanov
Besik Kudukhov
Sushil Kumar
Peter Farkas
Sergei Beloglazov
Tom Brands
Terry Brands
Mark Schultz

Four Horses

The 2013-2014 NCAA Narrative.  Working Title:  Four Horses.

The story:  four teams are in legitimate contention to win the NCAA crown:

  • Penn State
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Oklahoma State

This should be the theme around which our original content revolves.

Procedure Pages

We’re going to document our procedures here, using pages.  The first one is up: Posting Press Releases.

Agenda for November 2013 YWN

  • Cover Story: Middle School All-star event – Jason was going to write and has pictures
  • Doi Sisters: Pablo has sent in.
  • HS Rankings: Pablo
  • HS Team rankings: Pablo
  • Honor Roll: Youth 1 (Waiting on)
  • Youth 1 rankings (waiting to see if they have next release)
  • Coaching article (Chertow and waiting)
  • Marsteller to OSU: Jason or Eric can write.